Civil society is an important actor in the prevention of atrocity crimes. The establishment of the Western Balkans Coalition for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Crimes Prevention contributes to promoting and coordinating reconciliation efforts at the grass-roots level and plays a crucial role in the prevention of imminent conflict with a risk of atrocity crimes.

Report of the UN Secretary-General António Guterres on ''Responsibility to protect: lessons learned for prevention'', June 2019.

Video address of Mr. Adama Dieng, Under-Secretary General and UN Special Adviser for Genocide Prevention, during the Sixth Western Balkan Region Genocide Prevention Seminar in Sarajevo, February 2017.

Governing documents

Founded in 2017,
CGMAP is a
regional, inclusive, civil society-led initiative
to prevent atrocities

Trained over 80 civil society organizations on how to identify, respond to, assess, and prevent mass atrocity crimes
Collaborated on over 50 projects and activities with organizations across Europe
Organized 6 seminars across Western Balkan region
CGMAP currently consists of over 30 of the region’s leading civil society organizations

CGMAP partners with leading organizations in the area of genocide prevention and responsibility to protect.